The Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda was a curious personality in the history of music and film. She was the one that termed “the Brazilian Bombshell” in her Hollywood career and also paved the way for other female Latina performers.

Despite her wonderful success, she had quite a miserable personal life, abusive marriage and suffered from depression and alcohol addiction. She died from a heart attack in 1955, after falling ill during a recording for a TV segment.

I captured this door in the old center of Rio de Janeiro (on Rua do Rosario), which she considered her second hometown and where her music is still often playing, 60 years later, while the happy Cariocas (Rio residents) are sipping some refreshing caipirinhas.

If you walk down Copacabana beach near the of the end of the strip you will pass by the construction of the new Museum of Image and Sound (“MIS”) and will be able to hear Carmen singing:

Eu fiz tudo pra você gostar de mim
Ó meu bem
Não faz assim comigo não
Você tem, você tem
Que me dar seu coração”

I did everything for you to like me
My dear
Don’t act like this with me
You have to, you have to
Give me your heart”.

Clearly, in the matters of the heart, not much has changed since her time..

Carmen Miranda, Rio de Janeiro, Centro, Popculture

Carmen Miranda Doors, Rua do Rosario, Rio de Janeiro

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