The force of a habit

New York foodies can be divided into two groups: those that love exploring and discovering new restaurants all the time and those who have discovered their favorites and like to stick to the good stuff they already know. I belong to the second group.

For me Kelley and Ping restaurant in Soho is one of those places I always come back to. It’s located on a side street and has a somewhat modest window front. I probably would have never noticed it had a friend not showed it to me. The nice thing about K&P is that during the day it’s super casual and serves quick lunch options but at night, when the lights are deemed it has a great romantic / mysterious atmosphere as the beautiful and eclectic art gets nicely illuminated and the full service bar opens. I don’t know why, but evenings in K&P remind me of The Lover by Marguerite Duras and make me dream of Saigon.


Kelly and Ping, Manhattan, NYC



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