Welcome to the Jungle

São Paulo is a concrete jungle where the rich and the poor co-exist in parallel universes.

The HAVEs live in closed compounds with chauffeurs, maids, cooks, nannies and armies of security guards and electric fences that keep them safe from the enemy looming outside. They spend their time in shining shopping malls and expensive restaurants, where they dine discussing the latest fashion trends, the number of hours spent in traffic or the inadequacy of their serving staff.

The HAVE NOTs in the meantime, may spend up to 6 hours a day on public transportation to be able to earn minimum wage so that they can send a kid to English classes or buy an extra portion of meat for dinner. They also like to socialize, talk about life, fashion trends, television, dreams for a better future, complain about traffic and their demanding bosses.

One thing that is the property of both the poor and the rich is the street. Murals makes these public spaces special for everyone. Suddenly, one doesn’t have to have money to be able appreciate real beauty.


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