Beach therapy in Jeri

On a Friday evening, all I can think about is getting into my bed as fast as possible, cover up with a warm comforter and watch a good movie until I fall asleep. We all work too much, sleep too little and accumulate way too much stress.

One special place that can help you de-stress is Jericoacoara (‘Jeri’), a small beach town in the state of Ceara in Brazil. It’s a refuge for beach bums, artists, kite surfers and anyone else who wants to have a nice and relaxing time. And… in 2014, it was elected by Huffington Post as the no. 3 of the best beaches in the world.

The sunset dune (Duna de Por do Sol) at Jeri is piece of art within itself. Because of the strong winds, the mixed-color sand keeps shifting all the time, creating interesting designs and formations, making the dune a living and breathing organism.

Every evening a huge crowd gathers on top of the dune to watch the sunset, which never disappoints.



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