Budapest, the Other Paris

Budapest is one of the more hidden secrets of Europe. It has wonderful architecture, delicious food (and especially desserts) and a bustling culture of a city that never sleeps.


The Chain Bridge, that connects the aristocratic Buda with the more populous Pest, is truly stunning at night. CNN wrote an an interesting story, a tale of two cities, about Buda and Pest a few years ago. Worth checking out.

Chique Buarque, a famous Brazilian composer, singer and writer, mused:

  “O Danúbio, pensei, era o Danúbio mas não era azul, era amarelo, a cidade toda era amarela, os telhados, o asfalto, os parques, engraçado isso, uma cidade amarela, eu pensava que Budapeste fosse cinzenta, mas Budapeste era amarela.”

“The Danube, I thought, it was the Danube, but the Danube wasn’t blue, it was yellow, the entire city was yellow, the roofs, the asphalt, the parks. A funny thing, a yellow city. I use to think that Budapest will be gray but Budapest was yellow”

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary


5 thoughts on “Budapest, the Other Paris

      1. Great, Will try to visit it during XMAS time. But isn’t it too cold to enjoy it? Im a middleeastern and we are not used to winters. So is the cold bearable? Thanks a lot for the tips.


  1. Haha I get it. Not a fan of cold either. I walked around for 10 hours a day and I was fine. Just dress warm and have good gloves, scarf and hat. Maybe I was lucky but didn’t even dress extremely warm.


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