You don’t bring me flowers anymore

One of the fading traditions that I refuse to let go of is bringing flowers as a sign of a romantic gesture. In the Russian tradition I was raised in, it was the basic minimal gesture for the men of the family to bring flowers at least for 2 key occasions: birthday and women’s day (in March).

Since then, I left the family nest and grew slightly older (and probably not wiser). I had then heard one too many times the claim: “Women are all emancipated now. They don’t want any flowers anymore)!” I call bullshit. Please, dear man extraordinaire, buy a bouquet of beautiful flowers for your special lady and kindly report here, should this not result in a huge smile on her face (and maybe some other special benefits for you).

If you want to score even more extra points, take your lady to the flower market with you, and select together the flowers you want to take home.

And ladies, if your guy brings flowers on a regular basis, he’s definitely a keeper (and hopefully not a cheater 😉

By the way – for those who like to have detailed instructions, here is are some detailed ground rules and statistics:


Flower market, Largo do Machado, Rio de Janeiro


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