Bananas from El Salvador

We got to the little village called Alegría in El Salvador in the middle of the night after a long drive from Guatemala via Honduras.

Only in the following day we discovered why Alegría (“Happiness”) deserves its name. It is a quaint little town, decorated by some of the most colorful murals I have have ever seen. It also has a volcanic lake and coffee plantations with magnificent views.

Exploring around, we ran into a small bananas distribution center , where the local growers would bring their banana bushels and sell them to regional distributors who in their turn prepared the produce for export. The guys we met were absolutely floored when we told them that in the USA you could often buy a banana for 50 cents. They normally sell them for about $1 per 100 bananas.

My travel companion Ian, then decided to find another use for the bananas: a Carmen Miranda head dress.

You can read more about our 10 days crazy road trip adventure in Central America visiting 7 countries (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) here.


In case you’re even more curious about the origin on Bananas and social issue related to this trade. You can get more info here. Even though it doesn’t mention El Salvador, I am pretty sure the situation will be similar to other neighboring countries.



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