Sustainable Graffiti in Palo Alto

Palo Alto kind of reminds me of Stepford, with its manicured streets, beautiful, preppy dressed residents, cute stores and even Philz Coffee that tries to be hipster but really is quite yuppie (I do love their mojito coffee though, I cannot lie).

Even the murals in Palo Alto, look so manicured and well incorporated into neighborhood’s setup.  “Lady Watering” is one of many interesting murals that Greg Brown drew around town. He unfortunately passed away recently but his legacy remains. You can see more of his works here or here. 

P.S. Philz Coffee has a pretty cool company values / culture statement on its website.  A little quote of their mission:

“Our Mission is to better people’s day. We take this seriously and believe we have a very important job. Customers take time out of their day to visit us; this is very valuable to us and we are humbled by it. This gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact on our customer’s day. We do this by serving an amazing cup of coffee and delivering really great customer service. When this happens, our hope is that customers leave the Philz experience happier. We believe happy people are contagious, and the more happy people in the world the happier the world is. While we may not be able to make the world happy at once, we are determined to do it one community, one cup at a time.”



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