Leaving your urban box

Cariocas, as the Rio city residents are nicknamed, just like New Yorkers, prefer to stick to their favorite spots in town. They rarely frequent farther neighborhoods or nearby towns unless there is a practical need or a planned vacation. I followed a similar pattern when I lived in both cities.

Gladly, one day I finally accepted a friend’s invitation to visit her in Niterói, a town located a 30 mins boat ride to the other side of the Guanabara bay. I wasn’t expecting much and I of course, I was floored by the beautiful beach and mountain landscapes revealed to me. It turned out to be one of the most perfect days I had spent in Rio. We kept driving around all of Niterói’s beaches until we got lost in the fields somewhere around Itaipuaçu. This is how we got to witness the amazing scenery captured in this photo. So thanks, Renata, for insisting that I moved my lazy behind and came to visit you!!

The day that this photograph was taken, January 14, 2014, is also special because it was the day on which I met my boyfriend for the first time (he kindly reminded me of this when I told him I was going to post this photo).

Good things come in threes..



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