World Cup Street Art

Santa Teresa is a bohemian neighborhood on the top of a hill in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a great place to walk around on the weekend to grab some good, sit in a coffee shop, listen to samba music and discover a new street art piece.

A street car trolley called Bonde used to ran from Santa Teresa to the city center but it was closed a few years ago due to a deadly accident. Ever since, the Bonde service restoration has been subject to controversial battle between the neighborhood residents and the city authorities, one that involved the Portuguese, Chinese and who-else not. The bottom line is that hopefully by end this year or early 2015, the scenic route will return to operation.

As the issue of the bonde has been going for a while, the residents of the area chose the best ways they could in order to influence the situation – through art! I guess there was great hope that it will re-open for the FIFA World Cup when the first version of this mural appeared in 2011 with South Africa saying goodbye to the Cup and passing it to Brazil. By 2014, S. Africa was long forgotten and new stars of the Brazilian Selection were repainted on Marcos Jambeiro‘s mural.




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